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Move-In Ready Home Updates

Is your family expanding? Perhaps you’d like to move closer to your job? Whatever the reason, you’re ready to make a different house a home and Tri-State is here to help you in the process.

According to a report from Zillow, homes that are listed in April or May are more likely to be sold faster and for more money. With spring just around the corner, now is the time to give your house some much-needed updates to make sure you get top dollar for your investment.

Curb Appeal.

Did you know installing a new front door can help increase the curb appeal and value of your home by 4.2 percent?! Start by replacing your old front door with a Therma-Tru door from Tri-State – named a “Best Buy” by Consumers Digest.

Once the weather warms up, stop by your local home improvement store and make some updates to your landscaping. First impressions are key, so really wow potential buyers right off the bat!


Do your windows need replacing? Right now, homebuyers are looking for energy efficient homes and one way to accomplish this is by installing energy efficient windows. Newly replaced windows that help reduce energy bills are a huge selling point for potential buyers. At Tri-State Home Improvement, you get a double warranty on windows which means it transfers to the next owner!


Before selling your house, your home will go through an inspection and they will undoubtedly look at your roof to make sure it’s in good overall condition. The inspector will want to know when it was last replaced and will take a serious look at the structure to make sure it’s sturdy and doesn’t have any leaks. While this is a more costly home update, it may very well be necessary to attract buyers. Depending on the material, most roofs need to be replaced anywhere between 20 to 50 years. Enlist in the help of a Tri-State professional to determine your roof’s longevity with our free estimate.

Organizing your Garage 101

Is your garage a thing of organized beauty or a dysfunctional mess? If you haven’t had time to organize and clean your garage, now is a great time to get started! Pick a weekend to tackle this project, and then prepare by reading over our list to help you get organized once and for all!

Don’t forget to get help! Round up your family or even hire an expert if need be! Organizing your garage, depending on how big it is, can take quite a long time on your own.

Decide What to Keep, Donate and Throw Away

When was the last time you got out your rollerblades or your tennis racket? If you haven’t touched it in over a year, you probably don’t need it. Take some time to go through everything in your garage and decide what goes, what stays, and what can be given away.

Once you’ve decided what you’re keeping, group like items together so you can start to organize your belongings in a thoughtful way.

Storing Items

Take advantage of walls and ceiling space. Shelving units high above your head and garage door mechanisms can be a great place to store those seasonal items you only use once in a while. Artificial Christmas Trees and yard decorations are great examples. But don’t be afraid to get creative! Do you keep a roll of trash bags in the garage? Try repurposing a towel holder to fit your trash bags.

Does your family have several recycling bins? Create bin hangers that not only free up some floor space, but also make it easier pick up and move them. Click here for specific instructions on these great tips and so much more!

7With a little bit of work, your garage can look like this in no time! Don’t forget to check the siding and look for any leaks in your garage while you’re cleaning. If your garage has windows, be sure you check those as well. If you find any leaks or other problems that need repair, be sure to contact the Tri-State team!

Making an Entrance

It’s time to give your home a face lift, but that doesn’t mean having to undergo a complete overhaul! A new front door can change the entire look and feel of your home. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite doors and front stoops to give you some inspiration!


Rich Colors and Frosted Glass

Updating to a rich, dark-stained front door immediately gives your home a more modern look. We still love the look of both the light and the dark stain and the variation in windows!



A bright and colorful door is a great way to bring new life to your home. Bright colors are trendy, bold and unique. Stand out from your neighbors with a new and colorful door!


Pick a color that accents the color of your siding and roofing for a completed look.


French Doors

Are French doors more your style? French doors are beautiful and give your home a luxurious and classic feel. And with the variety of designs and styles, you can create a completely unique look and feel.


Don’t forget that you can always accessorize your doors with fun or seasonal wreaths and plants! It’s a great way to show your personal style!



Feeling inspired? At Tri-State Home Improvement, we only install the quality of products on your home that we would use on our own. That’s why we sell Therma-Tru doors. Whether you’re searching for a contemporary entry door or beautiful French patio doors, search no further than Therma-Tru. Contact the Tri-State team today for a FREE estimate!

Why replace your roof in the springtime? We’ll give you three good reasons.

Spring is the time to look into replacing your roof. With April showers on their way, you don’t want a leaky roof to catch you by surprise, and the winter storms may have left damage you don’t know about. Plus, spring is perfect for re-roofing projects, and Tri-State has openings. We’ll give you three good reasons you should pencil us in this spring:

Reason 1: Winter left its mark
Winter is hard on everything—the roads, your skin and even your roof. Shingles have supported the burden of snow all season, and ice dams have weighed your roof down while sharp winds found their way underneath loose shingles. It’s probable that winter has damaged your roof in some way, leaving it vulnerable to coming storms.

Reason 2: Spring weather is the best weather
As the Midwest begins to thaw, warmer weather starts moving in. Roofing materials like shingles and adhesives love the moderate temperatures. Plus, while winter snow and ice makes it difficult and dangerous to undergo a roofing project, the freedom from the low temperatures and high winds makes roofing safer for professional teams—and faster. Mild weather means fewer interruptions in our work for quicker project completion.

Reason 3: You’re our first priority
Early on in the year, our less crowded schedule means competitive rates and a better chance of getting your roof finished in the timeframe you’re hoping for. Scheduling a roofing project in the springtime allows you to avoid any complications from backlogged projects. Just be sure you act before the schedule fills up!


Even if you don’t suspect damage, it’s beneficial to have your roof inspected as winter comes to an end. Whether you’re looking for an inspection or go straight for a replacement roof, sign up for a free estimate with Tri-State, and be sure to get on our schedule before it fills up for spring!​

How siding can increase the value of your home


Re-siding your home is a great way to increase the value of your home for a relatively low cost. Siding replacement is one of the projects that saw an increase in its cost-value ratio in the 2015 Cost vs. Value Report, with vinyl siding replacement gaining 5.2 percent.

What that means for you is that you get a high return on your investment when you choose to re-side your home. From looking fresh to saving energy, new siding is a great value for homeowners, whether they’re looking to stay or to sell.

It looks brand new.

First impressions are important in the housing market. Part of the value of new siding is that it heightens curb appeal by giving your whole home a facelift. Replacement siding can make a home look brand new, and that adds loads of value for homes going on the market. When prospective buyers are searching for homes, a house wrapped in new siding will outshine—and out-value—one with a faded exterior that appears to need repair.

It increases efficiency.

New siding provides the opportunity to invest in energy efficiency. Old, damaged siding could be leaking air from your home, allowing moisture to seep in or breeding mold. When your new siding is installed correctly (by the professionals at Tri-State, for example), air leaks are blocked, condensation can be reduced and mold can be prevented. Especially with insulated siding styles, siding replacement increases the efficiency of your home’s heating and air systems, which saves money in utility costs.

It endures.

Vinyl siding is tough, durable and low maintenance, making it a great investment when it comes to re-siding your home. Vinyl siding doesn’t rot, and it resists fading from the elements. That means home buyers have the peace of mind of knowing they wouldn’t need to replace siding anytime soon, another aspect of re-siding that adds overall value to your home.

Whether selling or staying, replacing your siding is a great option in today’s housing market to increase the value of your home, update its look and increase its efficiency for many years. The time for re-siding is now, and Tri-State is available to help choose and professionally replace your siding! Visit our website today for a free estimate, and take that step toward increasing your home’s value with our high-performance siding options.

Renovating for the 2015 housing market

If getting into the housing market feels like playing a game, consider this a cheat sheet to winning in 2015. From knowing who’s entering the buying market to knowing your selling competition, Hank and the gang put together a few pieces of advice for those potentially entering the housing market this year.


The millennials are coming, the millennials are coming!

2015 brings even more millennials into the housing market, looking to buy. If you’re trying to sell your home this year, be sure to take them into consideration. Millennials are looking for quality and efficiency. Amenities and technology are big draws for millennials, and they’ll be sure to ask about costs for utilities like heating and cooling.

Give them the answer they want—the house is updated with highly energy-efficient materials like insulated siding, windows and roofing. No value is escaping through the cracks!

If you’re selling, you’re in for some competition

Looking to sell in 2015? You aren’t the only one who answered “yes” to that. As homes are going up on the market—and often not for premium prices—it’s important that you price your home within five percent of its value. Bidding wars are not your friend in 2015.

New materials like energy-efficient windows, siding and roofing will allow you to add to your home’s value organically. Any boasts for higher efficiency and curb appeal will be able to set you apart on the market and bring you closer to selling at the price you’re aiming for.

Renovate—and relax

Take the best advantage of the market by updating your home for less than it would cost to move. Renovations make your home look and feel brand new, and when the market does swing again, you’ll have an appealing option to put up for sale.

In the meantime, your renovated, more efficient home will save you money through lower utility bills. Plus, an updated home can feel more like YOURS with the ability to choose from a wide variety of colors and style available from Tri-State!


For questions about all your renovating needs—whether you’re selling or staying—be sure to contact Tri-State! Check out our Remodeling Resource Center on our website to get started. In addition to free estimates, Tri-State also offers lifetime warranties—meaning both you and whoever buys your home can enjoy the guarantee on our home products and materials!

Three trends to jump on in 2015

One of the biggest trends approaching in 2015 is making outdoor space into livable space—turning patios into kitchens, decks into dining rooms and yards into outdoor entertaining spaces. What does that mean for your exterior? Get ready to put some homey touches on the exterior of your home as well as the interior!


A big difference between a nice, livable space and a dark backyard is the amount of lighting. Prepare to layer up your lights! We’re talking overhead fixtures on porches, wall-mounted lights on the patio and solar lanterns bordering the patio, sidewalk and flower beds. Not only does extra lighting make the place brighter and inviting, it also provides extra safety and security for late-night gatherings in the great outdoors.

Bonus tip: add string lights or oil torches around decks and railings for extra flair!


Part of making your exterior space an extension of your interior home is to add appliances and furniture you actually want to use! Try adding a grill, some cabinets or a bar and mini-fridge combination to encourage your family to spend more time on the deck or patio. Pair the outdoor appliances with comfortable and abundant seating surrounded by plenty of surfaces like a coffee table or end tables.

Bonus tip: installed outdoor seating is functional, durable and easy to care for, if you choose to go that route!

Warm greys like these GAF Timberline shingles balance out bold and pastel mixings, like this light olive siding with bold red accent!

Warm greys like these GAF Timberline shingles balance out bold and pastel mixings, like this light olive siding with bold red accent!


Trends forecasted for 2015 include bold coloring contrasts, warm tones like grey or olive and dynamic combinations like brights with pastels and neutrals. Deep blues, light greens and pale pinks are all popular palette choices on the horizon. Luckily, these colors can work well in an outdoor space, harmonizing with natural settings and classic siding or roofing choices!

Bonus tip: choose one pastel, one neutral and two bold colors that tie your deck or patio into your interior design scheme!


Check out Tri-State’s wide variety of color options in siding and roofing to accent your overall design when you remodel your exterior, and schedule a free estimate on the website!

5 ways to upcycle old shutters into beautiful home decor

Upcycling is popular in home decor right now. There’s an endless amount of beautiful possibilities when you combine an old piece of furniture, some sandpaper and paint. Today we’re bringing you five ways to upcycle your old window shutters when you replace them with new ones from Tri-State Windows, Siding & Roofing.

We’ve scoured the Internet for the best tutorials. All you have to do is sit back, watch and grab a can of paint.

Create a mail and key holder from an old shutter

Get organized with this tutorial on how to use spray paint to change the look of an old shutter, apply backing board and key hooks to create a key holder and mail sorter. You could also use this same tutorial to create a jewelry holder, which is another popular use of an upcycled window shutter.

upcycled shutter, end table

Upcycle old shutters into a side table

For this project you can use a wood shutter that already has paint chipping off of it for a weathered look, or you can add a new coat and distress it for a vintage look. Either way this tutorial from Good Housekeeping will help you create the perfect side table for your sunroom or outdoor space.

If you do use an old shutter with chipping paint, make sure you apply a coat of clear sealer to secure any lead paint that could pose a health risk to your family.

Click for the tutorial.

sofa table, upcycled shutter

Turn shutters into a sleek sofa table

If a more refined look is more your style, check out this tutorial from HGTV on how to turn an old shutter into a sofa table. This will require some extra sanding in order to get a smooth finish, but the results are worth it.

Click here for the tutorial.

bookshelf, upcycled shutter

Give faded shutters a new life as a colorful bookshelf

You’ll need to know your way around a few power tools for this tutorial. Follow along with My Repurposed Life for step by step instructions on how to turn four identical shutters and a few extra pieces of wood into a beautiful bookshelf. This blogger used a paint sprayer, which is a good alternative to spray paint, in order to get a smooth finish with less effort.

Click here for this tutorial.

upcycled shutter


A little fabric and an old shutter combine to make a sleek headboard

No need to shell out hundreds of dollars for a new headboard. This tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens teaches you how to combine two old shutters, fabric to match your bedroom décor and a little spray paint into a sleek headboard for your bedroom. Best of all, this project can easily be completed in a weekend.

Click here for this tutorial. 

For more ideas on how to upcycle your old window shutters, click here to check out our Upcycle Pinterest board.

Siding makes chimney pop with stone look

Before and After, Chimney refacing, siding, Tri-State Windows, Siding &Roofing

A Rock Island couple came to Tri-State Windows, Siding & Roofing with a challenge, make their drab chimney pop.

The chimney was covered in the same vertical red siding as the house. The homeowners just hated the way it looked and wanted it to stand out instead of blend in.

Hank and the Tri-State crew replaced the siding with Exeria’s Stacked Stone Premium siding in Santa Fe. The composite siding is crafted using real stone as a template, giving the vinyl product the look of the real thing without the cost of stone.

Exeria’s Stacked Stone Premium siding comes in 15 textures and color variations to create the look of natural stone and the Exteria Proprietary Coating System enhances the longevity of the product. It is an excellent, cost effective alternative to stone.

The result was a chimney that stands out against the deep red siding, creating a rustic look that fits in perfectly with the raised deck and wooded backyard.

Click here for more information about Tri-State Windows, Siding & Roofing, or to schedule a free estimate for your next home improvement project.

Woodpecker damage leads Moline family to invest in beautiful, new home remodel

Before and After, Royal Crest traditional vinyl siding, Tri-State Windows, Siding and Roofing

A Moline family was tired of living in a home whose wooden siding was covered in holes. The only thing worse was the constant tapping sound they heard throughout the day from the woodpeckers that made them.

One phone call later, Hank the Squirrel and the rest of the Tri-State Windows, Siding & Roofing crew was on the scene. After the Tri-State crew presented a variety of vinyl siding options, the Moline family decided on Royal Crest traditional vinyl siding. This deterred future woodpecker damage, as well as provided extra insulation to increase the home’s energy efficiency.

Royal Crest traditional vinyl siding captures the look and feel of natural wood, but will never warp, buckle or sag like wood does. Plus, Tri-State Windows Siding & Roofing offers a Double Lifetime Warrantee. That means protection against color fading and hail damage for as long as you live in your home, and as long as the next homeowner does.

It may not be optimal weather to replace your siding now, but it’s never too early to get it scheduled! Visit our website and print out the coupon to get $1,000 off your siding remodel project, and schedule your free estimate today.

Over and out, folks –

Hank the Squirrel