Make Your House Fashionable This Fall, It’s Easier to Do Than You Think!


Leaves are changing, people in sweaters are popping up all around town, and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING is now available! This can only mean one thing, it must be fall. Is your home ready for the new season? It is the perfect season to deck your house out in festive décor that can be on display for the next few months.sept 1 blog

Bring in the Rustic Look

The fall aesthetic is easier to achieve than you may think. An inexpensive way to decorate is by using thrift store finds and seasonal vegetables to add pops of color.

  • Squash It Up – Whether you like the light-yellow hue of a butternut squash or the bright orange pop of a pumpkin, this is the season for warm and inviting colors. You also can eat the décor once the season is over!
  • Invest in Knowledge – Many thrift stores have a good selection of old books. Buy a few that you find interesting and use them as accents throughout your home. Once fall is over, you get the bonus of a few new reads for the winter!
  • Spice Up Your Windows – This tip is for those seeking style and security. Cooler breezes may start to creep in through old windows. Invest in a few new windows this season. Berkshire Premium Vinyl Windows are safe and weather-proofed windows that will keep your home comfortable all year long. At Tri-State Home Improvement, you get the bonus of a double lifetime warranty on your windows, you and your home’s next owner are covered.
  • Add a New Scent – Candles and fall go together like peanut butter and jelly. The combination just makes “scents”. Try out pumpkin spice, hot buns, or red apple scents this season.
  • Spruce Up Your Table- A country table runner, fake flowers, or leaves, and a pretty vase can make any dining area look fall ready. Pick up these items from your local second-hand store.
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Take these simple tips, and impress all your guests with your design savvy. The best part about these decorations is they are timeless! The rustic look is in every autumn, so pull your finds out of storage again next year.

If you want to take your decorating a to the next level by adding a new front door or by updating your siding, contact Tri-State Home Improvement. We have a variety of door, window, siding and roofing options. Fill out our form online to get a FREE estimate or give us a call at 866-583-6700.


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