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window condensation

Signs Your Windows Need Replacing

According to data from the Department of Housing and Urban Development American Housing Survey (AHS), the average home in the United States is 35 years old, with some of the oldest homes residing in Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. While most high-quality windows need replacing after 20 years, different factors could escalate your need for window replacement. Be aware of the signs below in order to accurately assess your current windows to determine whether or not they need replacing.

Do you feel a draft? If there’s a distinct temperature drop when you’re sitting close to your windows, as opposed to the rest of your home, that’s a clear indication that your windows need replacing. Drafty windows could be a result of wear and tear over time, poor installation, seal failure, cracks in your caulk, etc. and your energy bills are likely a lot higher than they should be.

Are you seeing condensation? If you’re experiencing indoor condensation, solutions like turning down a humidifier, turning on a fan, or even moving your plants could remedy the problem.

If the condensation is on your exterior window, products like Rain X (yes, the product you use on your car’s windshield) can help gather the droplets and assist them in the run-off process. The exterior condensation may also be morning dew, in which case letting it run its course is likely the only worthwhile solution.

However, if the condensation is between the window panes, it usually indicates a seal failure and the windows will likely need replacing.

Do you struggle to open or close your windows?  You may be surprised to know that it’s not your muscles preventing you from enjoying some much-needed fresh air, it might just mean your windows need replacing! Windows that are difficult to open or close are likely letting in cool and/or warm air, which negatively impacts your energy bill. If windows aren’t latching completely, you’re essentially lighting a neon “vacant” sign on your home for insects and small critters (such as mice). It can even serve as an easy entry point for home intruders, making it a safety concern for you and your family.

Other warning signs that your windows may need to be replaced include: if they’re hard to clean, if you hear excessive noise inside, and/or if the seal or caulking is visibly damaged.

Choosing the right contractor is just as important as finding the right windows. Proper installation will help prevent air infiltration and costly water damage to your home. If installed incorrectly, your windows may not operate properly. During your free in-home appointment with Tri-State, your window specialist will ask you what you’re looking for in a window or door, show you samples and take necessary measurements.

Call, or click below, to schedule your free quote with a Tri-State Home Improvement professional to find the right type of windows for your home’s needs!


Metal Roofing VS. Extreme Weather

Severe Weather

When it comes to extreme weather, a home’s roof is its first—and most important—defense against dangerous elements. Designed to handle even the most dangerous weather conditions, metal roofing is quickly becoming a homeowner favorite, with nearly 10 percent of homeowners choosing a metal roof when remodeling. So, exactly how does a metal roof compare in the fight against the elements? Here’s how the match plays out:

Round One: Metal Roofing vs. High Winds

The wind gives a sharp blow, but it glances right off the metal roof! Built with a 120-mph wind rating and uplift resistance, metal roofing is a popular roofing choice in areas prone to tornadoes and hurricanes. Most metal roofing materials interlock to form a smooth protective barrier, making this roofing option stronger and more resistant to extreme weather and high winds. Wind is down for the count!

Round Two: Metal Roofing vs. Rain and Snow

Ding ding! Rain and snow start piling it on, but to no avail. Metal roofs are naturally durable and highly resistant to damage from hail or heavy rain and snow. Built to withstand decades of abuse, metal roofs are built tough and will not dent, rust or deteriorate from even the most extreme outdoor elements. Precipitation is out cold!

Round Three: Metal Roofing vs. Lightning

Now for the main event: metal roofing takes on lightning, and the winner might shock you. Commonly misunderstood, metal roofing will not increase the likelihood of lightning striking your home. In the case of a lightning strike, metal roofs disperse the energy safety throughout the entire structure, virtually eliminating the risk of fire or further structural damage. Lightning’s strikes are futile, and it quickly fizzles out of the fight.


And the winner is… metal roofing! Metal roofing will give you the long-term, quality weather protection that other roofing products cannot. Tri-State Windows, Siding & Roofing offers metal roofing solutions, including stone-coated steel and standing seam metal roofs. Visit our website to schedule your free roofing estimate today and let Hank and gang be your champion against severe weather!

Why replace your roof in the springtime? We’ll give you three good reasons.

Spring is the time to look into replacing your roof. With April showers on their way, you don’t want a leaky roof to catch you by surprise, and the winter storms may have left damage you don’t know about. Plus, spring is perfect for re-roofing projects, and Tri-State has openings. We’ll give you three good reasons you should pencil us in this spring:

Reason 1: Winter left its mark
Winter is hard on everything—the roads, your skin and even your roof. Shingles have supported the burden of snow all season, and ice dams have weighed your roof down while sharp winds found their way underneath loose shingles. It’s probable that winter has damaged your roof in some way, leaving it vulnerable to coming storms.

Reason 2: Spring weather is the best weather
As the Midwest begins to thaw, warmer weather starts moving in. Roofing materials like shingles and adhesives love the moderate temperatures. Plus, while winter snow and ice makes it difficult and dangerous to undergo a roofing project, the freedom from the low temperatures and high winds makes roofing safer for professional teams—and faster. Mild weather means fewer interruptions in our work for quicker project completion.

Reason 3: You’re our first priority
Early on in the year, our less crowded schedule means competitive rates and a better chance of getting your roof finished in the timeframe you’re hoping for. Scheduling a roofing project in the springtime allows you to avoid any complications from backlogged projects. Just be sure you act before the schedule fills up!


Even if you don’t suspect damage, it’s beneficial to have your roof inspected as winter comes to an end. Whether you’re looking for an inspection or go straight for a replacement roof, sign up for a free estimate with Tri-State, and be sure to get on our schedule before it fills up for spring!​

Check out the items on Hank’s wish list!

Hank has started renovating his treehouse, but he still has a few more items left on his wish list to finish the project!

Berkshire windows

Berkshire Premium Vinyl Windows

Hank was thrilled to install Berkshire windows in his treehouse recently. He loves the luxurious look of the frames and the easy-to-clean features that help him keep his view of the yard crystal clear.

And, getting his windows through Tri-State meant peace of mind for Hank. Not only are Berkshire windows durable and cutting edge in their efficiency, they’re also backed by Tri-State’s lifetime guarantee, which extends for as long as Hank is in his treehouse and even to the squirrel that moves in after him!

Add Berkshire windows to your wish list this holiday season, and find out more on Tri-State’s website!


Photo of a home using GAF's Woodland Castelwood Gray shingles

GAF Premium Designer Shingles

Next on Hank’s wish list are award-winning GAF designer shingles to replace the existing treehouse roof. He knows that GAF offers a variety of residential asphalt shingles that are beautiful and durable, keeping him and his home safe from the elements and wowing his squirrel neighbors.

He’s especially partial to the Woodland shingles in Castlewood Gray, but anything in the collection would look wonderful on his house! (He knows because he tried them on with the GAF Virtual Home Remodeler!)

Haven insulated siding

Haven Insulated Siding

Up in the tree, Hank knows he needs siding that can take on the elements it will be exposed to. That’s why he has Haven siding on his list! He knows Haven looks clean and classic without making him sacrifice functionality.

Not only do the insulating features grant him energy-efficient savings, they also dampen outside noise, so he can finally sleep through the bird song and howling winds!

To get all the details on Haven Insulated Siding, visit Tri-State’s website!


Hank is hoping for the perfect holiday surprise, and he knows that Tri-State’s free estimates make choosing the perfect item a breeze! Schedule yours today to get started on your own home remodel wish list!

The whys of roofing


When it comes to keeping your home in good order, the roof above your head is no exception. Your roof plays a huge role in the appearance of your home. It is one of the things people first notice and can easily make or break the value of your home.

But roofing is more important structurally than cosmetically. The roof on your house protects you and your family from hazardous weather, leaks or other problems. A leaky or damaged roof can create problems in other parts of your home and even a small hole or leak can leave your home vulnerable to mold, bug infestations or health problems that only get worse the longer you leave them.

Prevent these problems from happening in your home by calling the experts at Tri-State Windows, Siding & Roofing or by filling out a contact us form on our website. We can help solve small or large roofing problems before they get worse AND we provide free estimates.

It’s important to have a game plan and talk with a professional about what the next step for your roof is. Choosing the right type of roof for your home is just as important as maintaining the one you have. We use the only the best materials from the top selling brands and we offer the strongest warranty in the business.

Tri-State carries GAF, the number one manufacturer of roofing products in America. We also carry architectural shingles, 3-tab shingles, architectural specialty shingles and premium design shingles, and if you have a flat roof you may need rubber roofing to seal out all the elements and Tri-State is one of the most experienced with rubber roofing in the region.

The roof over your head is important to us. Repairing or choosing new roofing can be confusing so let Tri-State help you! We offer free estimates and good, honest advice for our customers.

For more information about roofing visit our website.