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Choose the Right Roof for Your Home

One of the reasons you work so hard is to keep a roof over your head. In fact, in terms of your home’s longevity and efficiency, a new roof is likely to be the most important purchase you’ll ever make. When it comes to choosing that roof, it’s important to know the differences between each option and how the right one might fit into your home and your lifestyle.


Tri-State Home Improvement offers asphalt shingles from GAF, the #1 manufacturer in North America. These are an affordable and durable option that has become a homeowner favorite because of its numerous style choices. The asphalt shingles we offer include:

  • Architectural Shingles – for those who want the blend of durability and the popular dimensional look of real wood shake shingles.
  • Premium Design Shingles – for those who want the option of giving their roof the appearance of real slate, wood shakes, hand-cut European shingles, clay tile, and more!
  • Architectural Specialty Shingles – for those who want the look of real wood shakes combined with the energy efficiency of the Timberline Cool Series or the impact resistance of Timberline Armorshield II.
  • 3-Tab Shingles – for those looking for a timeless, traditional design with superior performance.


Metal roofs are becoming more popular due to their resistance to impact, the speed of installation and their sleek looks. Tri-State offers two options for metal roofs:

  • Stone Coated Steel can look the part of any design you may desire, like slate, cedar shakes, or old-world tile, and provide unparalleled longevity. The level of impact resistance gives you peace of mind and the designs give you the look you’ve always wanted.
  • Standing Seam Metal roofs are made for those who want extreme strength and weather resistance. The only seams on this type of roofing are located in standing ridges that run the length of the panel, meaning fewer seams and, most importantly, fewer leaks!

The best part? You don’t have to wait for the installation to know how your new roof will look on your home with Tri-State’s GAF Virtual Home Remodeler. This innovative tool makes shopping for roofing fun by letting your home try on different roofs, trim and siding. The combination of possibilities are endless! Try it out to erase any doubt that the design choice you have made is the right one.

Whether you have your perfect style picked out, or just aren’t sure where to start, let a Tri-State professional guide you every step of the way! Tri-State Home Improvement offers free estimates for our services, so give us a call at 866-583-6700, or fill out our estimate request form to schedule your free estimate today!

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Make Your Roof More Energy Efficient

There are a lot of reasons why homeowners are turning to more energy efficient products for their homes. Not only will it positively impact your energy bill, but living in an energy efficient home increases air quality, reduces moisture-related issues and can even improve your resale value. There’s a number of updates to make your home more energy efficient, starting with your roof!

“Cool” Roofs.

Southern states that experience hot temperatures have been using this simple, yet effective, trick on homes for years. Homes with dark roofs absorb much more heat than homes with lighter colored roofs, making the indoor temperature much higher. The result? Your home cooling system works harder when its paired with a darker roof, which means your energy bill skyrockets. Lighter colored, or “cool,” roofs reflect the sunlight as opposed to absorbing it, making it a more comfortable and energy-efficient, living environment for you and your family.


Keep warm or cold air out of your home by installing insulation in your attic. Homes that have poor insulation leave room for hot and cold outdoor air to make its way inside which will make your HVAC system work that much harder. An overworked HVAC system will drive up energy bills, and no one wants to pay more than they should.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that contribute to the energy efficiency of your roof. Whether you’re looking to improve the color, material, insulation, or slope, Tri-State is ready to lend a helping hand in your home improvement process.

Don’t know where to start, or what works best with your budget? Let us take a look and provide you with a consultation, completely free of charge. Fill out our estimate request form and a Tri-State team member will contact you to schedule your free estimate!
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Renovating for the 2015 housing market

If getting into the housing market feels like playing a game, consider this a cheat sheet to winning in 2015. From knowing who’s entering the buying market to knowing your selling competition, Hank and the gang put together a few pieces of advice for those potentially entering the housing market this year.


The millennials are coming, the millennials are coming!

2015 brings even more millennials into the housing market, looking to buy. If you’re trying to sell your home this year, be sure to take them into consideration. Millennials are looking for quality and efficiency. Amenities and technology are big draws for millennials, and they’ll be sure to ask about costs for utilities like heating and cooling.

Give them the answer they want—the house is updated with highly energy-efficient materials like insulated siding, windows and roofing. No value is escaping through the cracks!

If you’re selling, you’re in for some competition

Looking to sell in 2015? You aren’t the only one who answered “yes” to that. As homes are going up on the market—and often not for premium prices—it’s important that you price your home within five percent of its value. Bidding wars are not your friend in 2015.

New materials like energy-efficient windows, siding and roofing will allow you to add to your home’s value organically. Any boasts for higher efficiency and curb appeal will be able to set you apart on the market and bring you closer to selling at the price you’re aiming for.

Renovate—and relax

Take the best advantage of the market by updating your home for less than it would cost to move. Renovations make your home look and feel brand new, and when the market does swing again, you’ll have an appealing option to put up for sale.

In the meantime, your renovated, more efficient home will save you money through lower utility bills. Plus, an updated home can feel more like YOURS with the ability to choose from a wide variety of colors and style available from Tri-State!


For questions about all your renovating needs—whether you’re selling or staying—be sure to contact Tri-State! Check out our Remodeling Resource Center on our website to get started. In addition to free estimates, Tri-State also offers lifetime warranties—meaning both you and whoever buys your home can enjoy the guarantee on our home products and materials!