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How to Prevent Water Damage on Your Roof

Every year, homes in the U.S. are impacted by severe storms that can leave residents displaced and homes in shambles. In fact, according to the National Centers for Environmental Information, losses across the U.S. exceeded $1 billion from weather and climate disaster events in 2017. With spring showers just around the corner, take the below precautions to ensure the monsoons outside don’t make their way in.

Shape up your shingles

The shingles on your roof are doing much more than providing your home with a pleasing aesthetic. Shingles provide your home with a barrier from the elements but they can’t do their job effectively if they’re damaged or missing. One way to know if your shingles need repairing is if you notice debris from shingles in, or near, your yard. Another indication would be to look at your roof to see if you notice any clusters of discoloration. If you’ve noticed one, or both, of these indicators, then it’s time to shape up your shingles.

Keep your gutters cleared

Gutters provide a way for water to make its way off your roof. If your gutters are clogged, rainwater will begin to collect on your roof, making leaks much more likely.

Check up on your attic

You remember that place you rarely visit that houses moth balls and old family heirlooms? Well, you should be visiting it pretty regularly. Make it a point to visit the attic once per week, especially after any severe weather, to make sure the ceiling isn’t damaged. Even if you don’t detect a leak, your attic ceiling can give you other signs that there’s been damage done. Mold, stains or discoloration, warped wood, etc. are all implying that you may have a leak on your hands.

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs, prevent your home from enduring more damage by repairing or replacing your existing roof. Or, if you’re still not sure, leave it to a professional! Tri-State Home Improvement offers free estimates for our services, so call a Tri-State professional at 866-583-6700, or, fill out our request form to receive your free estimate!

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Cleaning your Gutters: The DO’s and DON’Ts

It’s that time of year again when leaves begin to fall from trees and decorate our lawns with beautiful, golden colors.

On the other hand, when leaves land into gutters, it can have detrimental effects on your home if left unattended – such as leaks in the walls and ceiling, cracks in the foundation and rotted wood along the shingle line.

Scampering up the side of your home on front and hind paws to inspect for these potential gutter blockers isn’t realistic for all of us – cough cough, our non-squirrel subscribers – so the Tri-State Crew and I have other great ideas to save you time and money later!

Read on for 5 tips on keeping your gutters in tip-top shape this season:

Tip #1 Get creative with your leaf blower:

If you feel confident standing on top of your roof, sometimes ridding your gutters of dry debris is as simple as blowing it out.

Tip #2 Get to scoopin’:

When the debris in your gutters has turned into wet, damp gunk, the most efficient way to clean it out is by manually scooping it out. Capable of being done from a standing ladder or from the roof, we recommend a pair of gloves and a trash can to help you out with this one.

Tip #3 Utilize the garden hose:

A garden hose is a simple way of washing down any remainder gutter debris as well as checking for potential overlooked blockage. Note, this method is most effective as a second step to an initial, more powerful debris removal.

Tip #4 Pressure wash:

Pressure washers are both a fast and efficient method of cleaning gutters. But beware – it has the potential to make for a mess of the rest of your home.

Tip #5 If all else fails, disassemble the spout:

If you simply cannot get your gutter to work effectively, try disassembling the gutter spout for a manual, detail wash.

Contact Tri-State Windows, Siding & Roofing for a free estimate on gutter guards to aid you in your home owner responsibility!

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