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3 Reasons to Trust Tri-State with your Home Improvement Project

Tri-State Home Improvement has been a trusted partner in, and around, the Mississippi Valley area for over 15 years because of our firm commitment to provide service you can trust. This successful formula has fueled our growth and business, and we now serve both commercial and residential accounts within a 150-mile radius of our home in the Quad Cities. So, what’s part of our successful formula? It’s our local, quality value.


Tri-State Home Improvement has been your local, trusted home improvement partner. Our team lives, works and plays where you do, making them area experts when it comes to knowing what your home needs. We’re family-owned, so you’re not dealing with the middleman in any scenario. We’re always one call away and no project is too big, small, near or far. Tri-State professionals travel within a 150-mile radius from our home in Davenport, Iowa for both residential and commercial accounts.


Our Tri-State Home Improvement professionals treat your home like their own and care about your needs and satisfaction. From the beginning of a project, we’re beside you designing and implementing solutions in order to make your dream home a reality, exceeding expectations along the way. We only buy high-end, quality products which provides you and your home with lasting solutions.


We value you. It’s as simple as that. Tri-State Home Improvement puts our customers first. From the start of a project, to the end, we’re working with you to provide the best quality materials, service and solutions which is why we’ve been considered a trusted home improvement partner for over 15 years. Those same quality products and services, in turn, result in added value for your home, too. It’s a privilege to take care of you, and your home.

Our team of professionals is excited for you to experience our commitment of local, quality value first-hand. Book your free, no-obligation, in-home estimate today!

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tristate windows

The Benefits of Berkshire Windows

Tri-State Home Improvement is proud to partner with Berkshire Elite high-performance vinyl windows to provide our clients with exceptional craftsmanship and remarkable energy-saving performance.

At Tri-State, we understand that home improvement isn’t a one-size fits all business which is why we back Berkshire. At Berkshire Windows, they take into account that homes in the Midwest have different needs than homes on the coasts, so every window we install is manufactured specifically for the areas in which Tri-State serves. Windows are custom-made to your exact specifications and are backed by decades of window manufacturing expertise.

Another reason Tri-State backs Berkshire is because of their value-added advantages including exterior, interior and energy saving enhancements for your home. Their exceptional craftsmanship, upscale design and expert attention to detail benefits your home’s curb appeal and increases its value.

Tri-State also understands that homeowners today are much more environmentally conscious than they were 20 years ago, and we’re proud to offer eco-friendly products, like Berkshire windows to help you in that endeavor. Berkshire Elite windows are precision-engineered to deliver superior energy efficiency and help reduce the consumption of fossil fuels needed for heating and cooling homes. The scrap vinyl material at the Berkshire manufacturing plant is also reused for other products, further reducing the volume and environmental impact of waste.

In addition to all of the features, Berkshire Elite windows also carry a lifetime limited warranty, which includes glass breakage, guaranteeing you lasting performance and genuine value.

Want to learn more? Let’s talk Berkshire windows! Get the conversation started about shapes, styles, colors, and more when you request your free, in-home estimate. It’s a no-obligation consultation with a Tri-State Home Improvement professional where you’ll learn more about our products and solutions for your home improvement project. Request your estimate below.

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Go Green with Tri-State Home Improvement

Tri-State is committed to the communities we serve and to our environment. Our goal is to reduce the waste associated with home improvement projects to make both our neighborhoods and Earth more beautiful and sustainable for years to come.

One easy, but effective, way we do this is by recycling doors. During a new door installation, our team of professionals determines whether an old door is in good enough condition for recycling. If so, it is delivered to the Quad Cities Habitat for Humanity where it will be available for others to use on their home improvement projects. This donation helps Habitat for Humanity provide strong and stable homes that build strong and stable communities.

In addition to recycling at our local Habitat for Humanity chapter, it’s also important to us that Tri-State works with suppliers and manufacturers that are committed to providing environmentally friendly products for your home.

It doesn’t stop there. Our commitment to the environment lasts long after our truck pulls away. Tri-State professionals install energy efficient solutions that positively impact your energy consumption and bills.

We’re proud to provide quality, lasting products for your home that work to keep inside air in, and outdoor air out. That means you’ll be comfortable keeping your thermostat lower and because your HVAC won’t be working overtime. This, in turn, reduces the amount of energy your home uses which helps the environment by reducing power plant emissions from burning coal, crude oil and other fossil fuels.

Whether you want to learn more about our commitment to the environment or you’re ready to get started on your home improvement, contact us today to start the conversation over a free, in-home estimate!

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Simple Outdoor Home Updates

The arrival of spring means warmer weather and more time outdoors. Whether you’ve purchased your first house or been in your dream home for years, it’s always fun to switch things up by making simple outdoor updates. Making these quick changes will make all the difference.

Change out your address plaque

Some neighborhoods require a uniformed address plaque on all homes, but most times, you’re able to switch it out as you please! This is a fun way to personalize your home and there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Home improvement stores like The Home Depot, Wayfair and Frontgate always have address plaques in stock, or try a more customized design from Etsy!

Wear-in a new welcome mat

It’s the first thing your friends, family and neighbors see when they walk up to your home. So, it’s time to trash the old rag you have greeting visitors and invest in a bright, new welcome mat! If you’re into more traditional matts, try Bed Bath & Beyond, where you’ll find welcome mats with simple, yet classic, designs. Or, if you’re a little more quirky, a simple search for “Funny Door Mats” will result in pages upon pages of results!

Replace your front door

First impressions are everything. “Wow” your neighbors and guests by adding a statement-making door. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or, a Therma-Tru Door from Tri-State, your possibilities are endless. Because there are so many different options to consider, take these style factors into consideration before diving into your project.

If your home is in need of more than a few simple updates, call a Tri-State Home Improvement team member! One of our professionals will come to your home to evaluate your windows, siding, roofing, doors, etc. and give you an estimate at no cost to you. Fill out our form to request your free estimate today!

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The three ‘R’s of home improvement

Tri-State is more than just windows, siding and roofing—we are a complete home improvement company. Tri-State can do some heavy lifting when it comes to your home’s exterior, but don’t miss out on our professional help with the interior, as well!

Re-think your curb appeal

Never underestimate the power and importance of curb appeal. Not only does curb appeal add value to a home, but it also demonstrates a pride of ownership. For simple exterior upgrades, consider refreshing your home’s landscaping by updating your walkway, front door or mailbox. These are all great, low-cost ways to add style and personality to any home. But if you’re really interested in taking your curb appeal to the next level, consider replacing your home’s windows, siding or roofing. Tri-State offers a wide variety of home renovation products that will make any home stand out from the crowd.

Re-style your bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom adds value to any home, and small cosmetic changes can re-style your bathroom in a big way. For simple bathroom upgrades, try replacing bathroom countertop accessories or adding fun and colorful pictures to brighten up the room. If you want to make your bathroom appear more elegant, think about installing a pedestal sink or replacing your dated countertops with marble or granite. Switching up your bathroom sink or countertops is an excellent way to update the entire look and feel of the room—without breaking the bank. Contact Tri-State to find out how our professionals can help!

Re-fresh your kitchen

Refreshing a kitchen’s décor is easier than most people think. Beyond making sure appliances work well and look good, updating cabinets, countertops and light fixtures can dramatically increase a kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. When it comes to creating value in the kitchen, replacing cabinet doors and countertops is a great way to update a kitchen’s overall look. Switching out dated light fixtures will brighten up the kitchen and make it more inviting, as well. Find out how Tri-State can help you add value to your kitchen by contacting our professional team today.

When it comes to home improvement, a little effort goes a long way. Making simple upgrades over time is the perfect solution to improving a home’s visual appeal and increasing its value. Remember, Tri-State is here to help! Whether you’re looking to make small home improvement changes or to remodel, Tri-State has the products and services to turn any homeowner’s dreams into reality. Visit our website for a free estimate today.

The spectrum of damaged siding


Few home improvement projects can pay for themselves the way new siding can. As your home’s first defense against the wind and rain, new siding offers excellent long-term value. Since siding experiences constant wear and tear, it is subject to a whole spectrum of damage. Luckily, Tri-State knows what homeowners should look for when determining if their home’s siding needs replacement. Here are the three major signs that a home’s siding needs attention.

  1. Color: Most siding is designed to keep its color for about eight to 10 years, so if your home needs to be repainted every five to six years, something is wrong. Fading or peeling means the waterproof coating may be deteriorating, which may lead to leaks and water damage inside your home.
  2. Temperature: If your heating or cooling bills are higher than normal, your wall’s exterior insulation and siding may no longer be doing its job. Vinyl siding, like Tri-State’s Haven insulated siding, is designed to reduce the flow of air through wall cavities, keeping your home energy-efficient all year long and saving you some cold, hard cash.
  3. Texture: Exterior warping or bubbling in the siding indicates rotting, and interior peeling of paint or wallpaper indicates moisture seeping through your walls. You can check for rotting by using a screwdriver to press underneath the siding. If its under-layer is soft or spongy, your siding has begun to rot. Avoid permanent or long-term internal damage by looking into new siding immediately.

Whether you’re looking for a siding inspection or full replacement and installation, Hank and the gang at Tri-State have you covered. Visit our website for a free siding estimate, or send us a message regarding your siding questions and concerns. If you think it’s time to replace your home’s siding, protect your home with our high-performance siding options!

Bettendorf couple adds character with Portsmouth Cedar Shingle siding

The Boerema home before (left) and after (right)

Before (left) and after (right)

Cedar shingle siding was the key in turning this home’s standard aluminum siding into a curbside stunner, and all without the maintenance that comes from traditional wood shingle siding.

The Bettendorf homeowners chose Portsmouth Cedar Shingle, a stunning siding option that feels and looks like real cedar but is made from modern, maintenance-free materials that are fade and warp resistant.

The seamless design in the double 7-inch weathered gray also adds to the realistic look of the Portsmouth Cedar Shingle siding that gave this home a major character upgrade.

Tri-State completed the renovation by making the rest of the exterior maintenance-free as well. Hank and the crew replaced rotting wood, wrapped doors, windows and the porch ceiling in white PVC siding and installed new soffits.

The result is classic beauty that will continue to look nice for years to come, without all the hard work of maintaining wood products.

Click here for more information about Tri-State Windows, Siding & Roofing or to schedule a free estimate for your next home improvement project.

Four tips for eliminating cold air drafts in your windows and doors


Drafty windows and doors are a lose-lose for homeowners during winter. Not only does cold air from the outdoors enter your home, but the heat you pay for escapes. This is especially bad news when you don’t have warm furry coats as back up like my squirrel pals and I do!

Protect your home from cold air drafts and high energy bills this season, with these four tips from Tri-State Window, Siding & Roofing.

Seal your windows and doors

Weather sealing is a broad description for a variety of different methods of plugging up holes at the bottom or sides of a home’s windows and doors. Adhesive backed weather stripping foam is one of the fastest easy to apply. Check out other helpful weather-sealing methods here. 

Grab a hair dryer and some insulating film

Insulating film is a transparent, plastic film applied to glass windows to reduce heat transfer. In winter, this film helps keep the cold air out and warm air in. Read the directions carefully before attaching to avoid damage to the film or your hair dryer!

Decorate your home with thermal curtains

Similar to insulating film, thermal curtains help shield cold air from entering your home via windows. Plus, most of them do a good job of blocking out the light so you can sleep in on Saturday morning. 

Treat yourself to new, energy efficient windows

Replacing windows with energy efficient double-paned windows can shrink a home’s heating bill up to 15 percent. Tri-State Windows, Siding & Roofing installs ENERGY STAR windows that qualify for tax rebates if they are installed by December 31, 2013.

Contact us for a free estimate today.

Learn more about energy efficiency and the steps you can take for a greener home by clicking here