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The Benefits of Berkshire Windows

Tri-State Home Improvement is proud to partner with Berkshire Elite high-performance vinyl windows to provide our clients with exceptional craftsmanship and remarkable energy-saving performance.

At Tri-State, we understand that home improvement isn’t a one-size fits all business which is why we back Berkshire. At Berkshire Windows, they take into account that homes in the Midwest have different needs than homes on the coasts, so every window we install is manufactured specifically for the areas in which Tri-State serves. Windows are custom-made to your exact specifications and are backed by decades of window manufacturing expertise.

Another reason Tri-State backs Berkshire is because of their value-added advantages including exterior, interior and energy saving enhancements for your home. Their exceptional craftsmanship, upscale design and expert attention to detail benefits your home’s curb appeal and increases its value.

Tri-State also understands that homeowners today are much more environmentally conscious than they were 20 years ago, and we’re proud to offer eco-friendly products, like Berkshire windows to help you in that endeavor. Berkshire Elite windows are precision-engineered to deliver superior energy efficiency and help reduce the consumption of fossil fuels needed for heating and cooling homes. The scrap vinyl material at the Berkshire manufacturing plant is also reused for other products, further reducing the volume and environmental impact of waste.

In addition to all of the features, Berkshire Elite windows also carry a lifetime limited warranty, which includes glass breakage, guaranteeing you lasting performance and genuine value.

Want to learn more? Let’s talk Berkshire windows! Get the conversation started about shapes, styles, colors, and more when you request your free, in-home estimate. It’s a no-obligation consultation with a Tri-State Home Improvement professional where you’ll learn more about our products and solutions for your home improvement project. Request your estimate below.

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Investing in the future: Why installing a new roof is the best option

GAF_Timberline_HD_SlateA new roof is an investment, but it’s an investment that can pay off big in the long run. Here are four reasons why installing a new roof could save you time, money and increase your peace of mind.

  1. Extra layer of protection: A roof’s underlayment is designed to protect your shingles and roof deck from the outside elements.When you upgrade your underlayment, you are upgrading your home’s first line of defense. To maximize your home’s ability to fight off moisture, consider installing a non-bitumen synthetic underlayment. Synthetic underlayment is lightweight, durable and resistant to fungal growth, making it an excellent, long-term roofing solution.
  2. Increased wind resistance: Shingle wind ratings have increased dramatically over the last decade. If your roof is over 10 years old, it may be time for an upgrade. While shingles in the past have only had a wind rating of 65 miles per hour, shingles today have a wind rating of over 130 miles per hour! The higher the wind rating, the more durable your roof will be and the less maintenance it will require.
  3. Staying up with code: Replacing you roof will bring your roofing system up to current code. This upgrade will decrease insurance rates and improve the overall safety of your home.
  4. Improved insulation: Just like your home’s exterior walls, there is insulation in your roof. Over time, this insulation can become thin and deteriorate, allowing unwanted heat to enter or leave your home. Installing a new roof means installing new insulation, helping to decrease your energy bills and improve your home’s overall protection.

As always, contact hank and the Tri-State gang for all your roofing needs! With a variety of commercial and residential roofing options, we’ve got the products you need to make your home or business thrive—from top to bottom.