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Fall Is Right Around the Corner, Are Your Windows Ready for Colder Temps?

Summer heat is here to stay, but fall is right around the corner with chillier days and nights, increased winds and the shock that winter is coming soon. Don’t be left “inside” in the cold and purchase a few new windows for your home. Stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, while saving money every month.

Should You Buy Now?

There are a few general guidelines to follow when considering buying new windows for your home. Here is the checklist for when it’s time to replace:

  • Age of Windows – If your windows are older then 10 years, it is time to replace them. The old seals are not effective anymore.
  • Your Energy Bill – Seeing an increase in your energy bill over the past few months could mean that your windows are no longer sealed correctly.
  • The Appearance – Cracked glass, humidity in the pains or broken/warped frames are not appealing to the eye. Damaged windows are not only unattractive, but they are dangerous. Intruders may be able to break into your home easier through an old, broken window.

 What Should I Look for in New Windows?

Th most popular type of windows in America are made of vinyl. They have a variety of different benefits including:

  • Durability – Vinyl does not rot, rust or chip like wood or other kinds of windows.
  • Style – The sleek, smooth and clean look of vinyl is better than any other window style on the market.
  • Maintenance – Vinyl is easy to clean and requires very little upkeep over the years.

At Tri-State Home Improvement, we offer Berkshire Premiere Vinyl Windows. They are some of the best in the industry. They are simple to install, come in a variety of different sizes and styles and are energy efficient. One of the best parts about purchasing windows from Tri-State Home Improvement is the double lifetime warranty, meaning that you and the next owner of your home get the peace of mind of our lifetime guarantee. Call us now at 866-583-6700 or click the button below to schedule your FREE estimate today!

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Back-To-School Kitchen Design Ideas to Make Mornings Easier

The kids are registered for classes and back-to-school shopping is taken care of, you are all ready for the beginning of a wonderful new school year. But wait, is your kitchen ready? From making breakfast and lunches in the morning to preparing after school snacks and dinner at night, the school year takes place centered around the kitchen. With all this craziness happening in one place, your home’s food hub is going to get cluttered and messy. With a few organization pointers and a little bit of layout help, your kitchen can become as ready for school as you are.

Rethink Your Layout

Having a nonfunctional kitchen layout is a nightmare no matter the time of year, but it becomes more troubling at the beginning of a new school year. Proper arranging of all your dishes, utensils and food is crucial to making a usable kitchen layout.

  • Make a Snack Station – Consider making a separate food area for your kids to grab healthy snacks after school.
  • Create More Storage – Using an undercover on your table creates more practical storage at a low cost.
  • Rearrange the Room – Quick changes like moving decorations around a bit or switching the placement of the plates cabinet can change your flow in a kitchen. Bigger changes like moving or switching up your table can alter the whole appearance of a kitchen.

Spice Up theStyle

Sometimes a new perspective is all you need to feel more organized and less stressed. A few added design pointers will take your kitchen in the direction you want it to go.

  • Make a Chalkboard – Having an area to write due dates, grocery lists or cute notes to your kids is just the touch you need to make your kitchen feel fun and functional. Making a chalkboard for your kitchen is the finishing touch to make your kitchen even better.
  • Get a new door – Buying a new backdoor, that leads out of the kitchen, is one way to improve both the inside and outside of your home. Tri-State Home Improvement offers beautiful Therma-Tru doors that not only improve curve appeal, but also kitchen appeal.

With a few small changes, your kitchen will be in great shape for the beginning of the school year. Adding new windows and doors could improve your kitchen. At Tri-State Home Improvement, we offer the most energy efficient and secure doors you can find in the area. For a free estimate, call us at 563-823-0979 or fill out our estimate request form online today.

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Don’t Compromise, Siding Can be Stylish and Functional

The realization that your home’s exterior could use an upgrade is bound to happen… and it could be sooner than you think. The worry that the new siding color will be wrong or that the durability won’t last is an awful feeling! Those thoughts can be settled by following a few simple tips and tricks to choose the perfect exterior for your home.

Find Your Perfect Look

Tri-State Home Improvement offers a variety of different colors and styles for all your siding needs. With free estimates, competitive pricing and professional installation, you will feel great about your choice in siding. Some guidelines on picking the right color and kind of exterior for your home include:


  • Consider Your Home’s Age – Depending on the year your home was built; different colors and kinds of siding should be considered. A Victorian era home may need Haven Insulated Siding to keep the house warm. Using fun colors like light pink or green will fit the style of the home. A new home may call for a more muted color family, like white or tan tones.
  • Look at the Neighborhood – Do you want to stand out on the block or match the existing esthetic? Be sure to know how bold a color choice you want to attempt before you buy.
  • Pick Two Complimenting Colors – You will need at least two colors for the primary cover of your home and then a secondary color for the trim. If you have a bold color for most of the home, you may want a more muted tone for the trim.


  • Vinyl – This is a great choice for longevity and style on a budget. Royal Crest Vinyl Siding comes in a variety of colors to fit any homeowner’s needs and it’s extremely durable.
  • Aluminum – This type of siding is resistant to weather and last for years! Most come in rust resistant finishes and are weather proof Royal® Woodland comes in over 25 different colors and has a lifetime warranty.

If you are on the fence about a color or style, use the Tri-State’s GAF Virtual Home Remodeler tool to see how the color will look on your home. No color indecision anymore! Try it out now and test out a few different color combinations to make the perfect look for you. Once you have found the perfect look, fill out our form online to get a FREE estimate or give us a call at 866-583-6700.

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Why we love giving back to the community: An open letter from Tri-State Windows, Siding & Roofing President Dana Watkins

Tri-State Windows, Siding & Roofing is committed to being the kind of company that serves its community, supporting organizations like the HAVlife Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mississippi Valley and more. Why? Because we love giving back. By helping us to grow meaningful relationships both within our company and out in the community, giving back makes Tri-State Windows, Siding & Roofing a better business—and one that our customers can be proud to work with.

When we take part in community events and sponsorships, our employees have the chance to build and maintain their relationships with one another, creating a better work environment. Also, being present at events and fundraisers means we have additional opportunities to get to know our customers and learn what matters to them—and how we can best be of service.

We appreciate the chance to be involved with our community and support them in more ways than just the quality services we have for sale, and we know our customers appreciate that dedication. Each roof repair, window installation and siding replacement helps us help the people around us. Tri-State Windows, Siding & Roofing strives to make our customers happy with where they live—and I’m not just talking about their houses.

— Dana Watkins, President
Tri-State Windows, Siding & Roofing

The three ‘R’s of home improvement

Tri-State is more than just windows, siding and roofing—we are a complete home improvement company. Tri-State can do some heavy lifting when it comes to your home’s exterior, but don’t miss out on our professional help with the interior, as well!

Re-think your curb appeal

Never underestimate the power and importance of curb appeal. Not only does curb appeal add value to a home, but it also demonstrates a pride of ownership. For simple exterior upgrades, consider refreshing your home’s landscaping by updating your walkway, front door or mailbox. These are all great, low-cost ways to add style and personality to any home. But if you’re really interested in taking your curb appeal to the next level, consider replacing your home’s windows, siding or roofing. Tri-State offers a wide variety of home renovation products that will make any home stand out from the crowd.

Re-style your bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom adds value to any home, and small cosmetic changes can re-style your bathroom in a big way. For simple bathroom upgrades, try replacing bathroom countertop accessories or adding fun and colorful pictures to brighten up the room. If you want to make your bathroom appear more elegant, think about installing a pedestal sink or replacing your dated countertops with marble or granite. Switching up your bathroom sink or countertops is an excellent way to update the entire look and feel of the room—without breaking the bank. Contact Tri-State to find out how our professionals can help!

Re-fresh your kitchen

Refreshing a kitchen’s décor is easier than most people think. Beyond making sure appliances work well and look good, updating cabinets, countertops and light fixtures can dramatically increase a kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. When it comes to creating value in the kitchen, replacing cabinet doors and countertops is a great way to update a kitchen’s overall look. Switching out dated light fixtures will brighten up the kitchen and make it more inviting, as well. Find out how Tri-State can help you add value to your kitchen by contacting our professional team today.

When it comes to home improvement, a little effort goes a long way. Making simple upgrades over time is the perfect solution to improving a home’s visual appeal and increasing its value. Remember, Tri-State is here to help! Whether you’re looking to make small home improvement changes or to remodel, Tri-State has the products and services to turn any homeowner’s dreams into reality. Visit our website for a free estimate today.

Express yourself with home updates this spring

In 2015, replacing your roof, siding and windows improves your home’s value enough to outweigh your investment, meaning that your return on these renovations makes up for the upfront costs. So, financially, now is a great time to consider updating your home’s exterior. And, spring is also a great time to update your home in ways that allow you to really express yourself.

Let the light in
With spring comes more sunshine, growth in nature and beautiful views. Pick out new windows to really showcase the wonders outside them. Berkshire windows from Tri-State combine beauty and efficiency to maximize your benefit. From the elegance of bay windows to the classic sleekness of double-hung windows, you can shop Tri-State’s selection for the style the best fits your personality—and best frames your seasonal views. And, especially with Berkshire windows, you’ll thank yourself when you see your next utility bill!

Let the colors bloom
Don’t let dirty, faded siding pull you back into the winter blues. Everything else is renewed in the spring—why not your home’s exterior? Vivid, stand-out colors are the perfect way to put that living spark into your home’s appearance. Vinyl siding is durable, easily-maintained and comes in a variety of styles, making it a great choice for springtime renovating that will stay bright and protect your home year after year.

Let the rain fall down
Your roof really takes a beating during winter weather, and you might be paying the price when spring showers come around. Enjoy the rain in comfort under a new roof that protects in more ways than one. Tri-State’s roofing choices offer durability and energy-efficiency, staying strong in the storms, keeping cool in the summer and trapping warmth in the winter. Plus, roofing is often overlooked as a really beautiful, eye-catching way to update the look of your home.


However you choose to express yourself during your springtime remodel, let Hank and the Tri-State gang help you along the way. From aiding you in choosing colors and styles to providing free estimates and professional installation services, Tri-State is here for you during your renovation ventures!​

Three trends to jump on in 2015

One of the biggest trends approaching in 2015 is making outdoor space into livable space—turning patios into kitchens, decks into dining rooms and yards into outdoor entertaining spaces. What does that mean for your exterior? Get ready to put some homey touches on the exterior of your home as well as the interior!


A big difference between a nice, livable space and a dark backyard is the amount of lighting. Prepare to layer up your lights! We’re talking overhead fixtures on porches, wall-mounted lights on the patio and solar lanterns bordering the patio, sidewalk and flower beds. Not only does extra lighting make the place brighter and inviting, it also provides extra safety and security for late-night gatherings in the great outdoors.

Bonus tip: add string lights or oil torches around decks and railings for extra flair!


Part of making your exterior space an extension of your interior home is to add appliances and furniture you actually want to use! Try adding a grill, some cabinets or a bar and mini-fridge combination to encourage your family to spend more time on the deck or patio. Pair the outdoor appliances with comfortable and abundant seating surrounded by plenty of surfaces like a coffee table or end tables.

Bonus tip: installed outdoor seating is functional, durable and easy to care for, if you choose to go that route!

Warm greys like these GAF Timberline shingles balance out bold and pastel mixings, like this light olive siding with bold red accent!

Warm greys like these GAF Timberline shingles balance out bold and pastel mixings, like this light olive siding with bold red accent!


Trends forecasted for 2015 include bold coloring contrasts, warm tones like grey or olive and dynamic combinations like brights with pastels and neutrals. Deep blues, light greens and pale pinks are all popular palette choices on the horizon. Luckily, these colors can work well in an outdoor space, harmonizing with natural settings and classic siding or roofing choices!

Bonus tip: choose one pastel, one neutral and two bold colors that tie your deck or patio into your interior design scheme!


Check out Tri-State’s wide variety of color options in siding and roofing to accent your overall design when you remodel your exterior, and schedule a free estimate on the website!


Five home products you need to know about

Winter is coming on fast, but there’s still time to update your home for maximum curb appeal and energy efficiency! Here are Tri-State’s top picks for products that will help you properly dress and protect your home.

Berkshire Elite9

Berkshire Premium Vinyl Windows

Berkshire windows are eye-catchingly beautiful, adding elegance to your home’s interior and curb appeal to its exterior. Offering a variety of styles and colors, you have the opportunity to customize your windows to match your ideal décor, inside and out.

The durable quality of Berkshire windows also ensures the color won’t chip, peel, crack or warp, keeping your windows—and your home—in flawless condition. For added assurance, Tri-State also offers a warranty on the products we install for the lifetime of your home!

Besides looking sharp, Berkshire windows also give you the benefit of energy efficiency with the advantage of wide views and lots of light. Keep energy bills low with a variety of technologies, including superior thermal performance, seals, dual-paned glass and interlocking, chambered pieces of the sash and frame.

Find out more about Berkshire windows on Tri-State’s website!


GAF Premium Designer Shingles

Award-winning GAF offers a variety of residential asphalt singles that look as nice as slate or woods shakes at a fraction of the cost. Shingles look luxurious while still withstanding wind, rain and staining to keep your home warm, dry and safe for years and years.

For the best of both worlds, Tri-State highly recommends the GAF Premium Designer collection. Find your favorite style and color on our website! (Don’t forget to ty the GAF Virtual Home Remodeler!)


GAF Timberline® Shingles

The GAF Timberline® collection offers a wide variety of asphalt shingles that mimic the wood-shake look as a low-cost, high-performance alternative with style and curb appeal.

GAF Timberline® Shingles are also Advanced Protection® Shingles, meaning they outperform others in terms of toughness, granule adhesion, wind uplift resistance, flexibility and fire resistance.

GAF Timberline® Shingles also come in specialty collections like the ArmorShield™ and Cool Series for extra protection and energy-efficiency.

Tri-State is your go-to website for information, photos and virtual remodeling tools for GAF Timberline® Shingles!


Haven Insulated Siding

You don’t have to sacrifice architectural draw for energy-efficiency. Haven Insulated Siding has an attractive look with functional technology that dampens outside noise, reduces hot and cold air flow through wall cavities and wicks away moisture.

That means you can enjoy all the heightened comforts and lowered bills of energy-efficient insulated siding with all the satisfaction of attractive and authentic siding that will win you compliments from all sides.

For more information on Haven Insulated Siding, visit Tri-State’s website!

Reputation 25’ Siding

For exclusive, seamless siding, Reputation 25’ is your number one choice. These siding planks are 25 warp-resistant feet that come in 27 fade-resistant colors, meaning 50 percent fewer seams on your home.

Tri-State is one of only two local contractors with access to Reputation 25’ Siding, and, as with all our products, we offer a lifetime warranty. For a smooth, bold siding choice, check out Reputation 25’!


Help your home weather the winter in style with the amazing products Hank and the gang are proud to stand behind. Schedule a free estimate with Tri-State today!

How to hang holiday lights safely

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights make the season bright, but lining strings of lights along the edge of your roof requires more consideration than just what color the lights should be. Be sure to take the right precautions in order to hang your lights in a way that is safe for both you and your roof.


Do some reconnaissance beforehand.

Check the bulbs on your strands in the warmth and comfort of your living room—NOT on the ladder or the roof. It’s easier (and safer) to find and replace burnt out bulbs while on the ground level.

Then find your outdoor electrical outlets, measure your strands and determine what length extension cords you’ll need, if any.

Scout your point of access.

It may seem like a bright idea to outline every peak and ridge of your roof, but climbing all over the roof poses an incredible risk to your person and the integrity of your roof.

Choose edges that are accessible with a ladder and offer good places to mount lights with clips, unlike the smooth ridges of peaks at the tippy-top of the roof. Especially in wet and icy conditions, scaling the inclined peaks is not a good idea.

Don’t leave any traces.

Nails and screws may seem like a quick fastener for hanging lights, but they leave behind holes that allow the entrance of moisture that can compromise the stability and quality of your roof and cause leaks.

Instead, use handy clips that hook onto the fascia. They’re designed for hanging lights and are painlessly installed and removed.

Do a thorough investigation.

It’s not every day that you get to be at Hank the Squirrel’s rooftop level. While you’re up there, give your roof a solid look-over, checking for curling, broken or missing shingles and determining if it might be time for a new roof after the holidays!

If you do notice any issues, don’t hesitate to ask Hank and the Tri-State gang for a full inspection and free roofing estimate!

Bring a partner in crime.

Don’t go it alone! Bring a helper to carry and hand up materials as well as stabilize the ladder. At the very least, have someone else there for moral support—hanging lights is not for the faint-hearted, but it will make you a hero in the eyes of your family!