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Winter is On the Horizon, Replace Your Roof Before the End of The Year

In the Midwest, you can never predict how extreme or mild a season is going to be. Just in the last few years, we have had a mix of the coldest, snowiest years on record but also very mild years. Being prepared for the worst is the only way to get ready for the winter to come. One key element for preparation is for snow is to get a new roof. Having your roof collapse during a long, cold winter is not what you want this winter.

Should I Replace Now?

Typically, a new asphalt roof last 20 to 25 years before it needs to be shingled again. If your roof is hitting that age, you should call Tri-State Home Improvement for your free estimate. If you are unsure of the age of your home’s roof, there ares a few other ways to determine if you need to think about replacing it.

  • Check Your Shingles – Giving your roof a good examination to see its condition is one of the easiest ways to know if you need to replace it. Unsecure, cracked, or curling shingles are a red flag, the loose seams could cause a leak and rot the sub-roof underneath. If you let your sub-roof get damaged, it can add thousands of dollars on to your replacement cost.
  • Look in Your Gutters – As a roof decays, asphalt residue falls into the gutters around your home. Inspect your gutters and see if there are any signs of granules.
  • Moss and Algae on Shingles – This is not the biggest issue and does not necessarily mean you need a new roof, but as your roof ages, algae tends to grow on the roughed-up shingles. It is advised to get a professional inspection on your roof if moss is growing all over it.
  • Saggy Roof – A caving roof is a glaring issue that should convince any homeowner to invest money on new shingles. If your roof is sloping, that usually means the sub-roof is compromised. If any substantial weight hits a weak point, your whole roof could collapse in.

 If you are having any combination of these problems with your roof, it is time to get an inspection. Tri-State Home Improvement offers high-quality roofing products in asphalt and metal options. We have a variety of door, window, siding and roofing options. Fill out our form online to get a FREE estimate or give us a call at 866-583-6700.


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